Best Tiny Houses To Live In

Sometimes, when buying your new home, smaller can be better. Aside from it being less expensive to purchase and build, maintaining it is more cost-effective too. Check out these tiny houses that might inspire your next home!

1. A Backyard Getaway

Check out Dallas designer Paige Morses’s backyard home here!


2. Treehouse Guestroom

Check out this dreamy getaway for your guests right here!

3. “Bestie Row”

Who said you can’t live right beside your besties? Check out this mini neighborhood right here!

4. Home of Colors

Believe it or not, this home comprises of 2 mobile trailers, and that’s it. Check out this 400-square-foot colorful abode here!

5. The Tiny Yellow House

Live the simple and bright life! Check out this tiny home along with its “siblings” right here!

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